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flexible –water-conserving – precise Professional crop production is faced with ever greater challenges: The new Fertiliser Directive and the withdrawal of individual plant protection agents on the one hand, with increasing resistance on the other, as well as extreme climatic events such as severe drought, are just a few examples. This means that crop production methods, crop rotation, plant protection and fertilisation practices as well as the strategy for crop establishment needs to be reviewed and changed if necessary. The seed drill plays a key role here. This is because perfect sowing is the basis for maximum yields. The trailed Cirrus universal combination comes into its own, not only in single-pass ploughing and sowing and mulch sowing, but also in water-conserving minimum-till sowing in strips or without any preceding seedbed preparation. The application of up to 3 different materials at up to 3 placement depths in the triple-shoot process can also be implemented to perfection with the Cirrus. In addition to the seed, the Cirrus also provides the option of applying very precise amounts of fertiliser at different entry points and the application of different seed types and undersown crops in a single pass. In addition to this, the seed rates of the individual seed types or of seed and fertiliser can be tailored on a part-area, site-specific basis by means of application maps. Learn more: Website: Facebook: Instagram:

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