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Samstag, 16. Mai 2020Beschreibung :
A wide range of innovative AMAZONE machines for soil tillage, sowing, fertilisation and plant protection with cutting-edge precision technology is available today. This additional increase in precision means that you use less fertiliser, crop protection agent and seed. Additional yield potential can be exploited more effectively at the same time. In addition to the economic benefits, which guarantee quick payback of the investment, you protect the environment and make it considerably easier for the driver. This video-series will provide you with information about the new potential which our fertiliser spreaders, crop protection sprayers, soil tillage implements, seed drills and digital developments offer you today in precision agriculture. AMAZONE offers UX trailed sprayer series in the Special version with simple pumping system and in the Super version with a tandem pump, as well as the UX 11201 tandem trailed sprayer for handling very large areas. The UX trailed sprayers are characterised by optimal boom shock absorption to facilitate very fast spraying and transport speeds. The AMAZONE world of precision on the web: Website: Facebook: Instagram:

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