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agrirouter - The independent data exchange platform for agriculture With the manufacturer-independent agrirouter AMAZONE is opening its way to universal data exchange. The data exchange platform, as a neutral authority, solves a core problem in the digitalisation of agriculture: agrirouter is a universal data exchange platform for farmers and contractors with which machines and agricultural software can be connected across manufacturers. This simplifies operational processes, reduces administrative work and improves profitability. Only you retain data sovereignty and decide who receives which data and to what extent. The myAmaRouter App acts as a link between the AmaTron 4 ISOBUS operator terminal and the manufacturer-independent agrirouter data exchange platform. Various suppliers of Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS) and application card manufacturers can connect to agrirouter and transfer data via it. If it is intended to work with job data or application maps on an AMAZONE machine, the data can be conveniently transferred from the agrirouter via the myAmaRouter app to the AmaTron 4. Conversely, jobs completed on the AmaTron 4 can be sent back to the agrirouter via the myAmaRouter App and are available in FMIS for documentation. In this way, a simple and secure way for the transfer of personal data is created. Agrirouter: myAmaRouter App on the Web: Facebook: Instagram:

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